Event Management, Planning and Venues

When planning for an event, you do not have to restrict yourself to the usual venues. Weddings don't necessarily have to be held inside a church. It can take place anywhere you want like a manicured garden, a white sand beach, a secluded resort, or beautiful hilltop with gorgeous views. Sure, it can be a bit more complicated than a controlled indoor venue. There are additional factors that you would have to consider such as the weather and other environmental conditions. However, it could be worth the effort if you can make your dream wedding come true. You can always get a marquee for hire birmingham specialists to counter the elements. Here's why people opt for the outdoors:

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Larger Capacity 

Indoor spaces are severely limited by the four walls surrounding them. There simply isn't a way to extend a room in most cases such that the number of guests will have to be trimmed down to a reasonable amount. For outdoor venues, this is not a problem as the grounds are usually expansive. People have plenty of space to walk around on. There could be separate sections for the stage, the guests, the booths, the catering, the dance area, and whatever else is necessary. 

Natural Beauty

Among the many reasons why people choose this route, none is more convincing than this. The beauty of some outdoor venues is simply too much to resist. People can take incredible pictures that they can then share with their friends on social media. It just looks much better, especially with the natural light and colourful flora. The guests could even catch the sunset which should provide a nice warm glow that looks good on camera. The sceneries around provide a memorable backdrop to the event.

Site Significance

There are also certain sites that simply hold special significance which is enough for couples to choose them for the wedding. Perhaps it is a garden near their old university where they met or some site that holds a historical value. Maybe their parents or grandparents also had their wedding on the site. Whatever it may be, this could tip the balance in favour of the outdoors. 

Different Possibilities

Outdoor venues are much more fun and exciting because they offer a wealth of possibilities for the event. For example, the wedding can be held at an exclusive resort allowing the guests not only to attend a solemn event but also have a nice vacation for a day or two. After the ceremonies, they can hold a poolside party or spend the night holding a barbecue. Even the design of the altar can be tweaked to correspond to whatever theme the couple wants. They could use pop culture references and get inspired by their favourite movies. They can also go the traditional route and use classical designs. 

Holding an event outside is a complex undertaking but it is not as difficult as you might think. Just make sure you get a good marquee and have contingency plans for any possibilities.