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real estate san bernardinoWhen asked right up-front why he got into the real estate business, Top Real Estate Agent in California Franklin Knolls of Keller Williams Real Estate answer is refreshingly candid: “Because of the money, of course.” One of the youngest and most successful REALTORS® in California’s legendary Coachella Valley, Frank Knolls projects a combined air of youth, exuberance and seasoned professionalism. “Of course I love working with clients and giving them the best service available anywhere, but anyone who tells you they got into real estate sales because of the social aspect of it just isn’t being honest,” he says.

Knolls, who can boast over one hundred million dollars in total sales in the seven years he’s been helping his clients buy and sell homes in California, began his career while attending college in Orange County. Securing start-up funding from investors in his junior year, he began flipping homes in Southern California, and immediately recognized that real estate was his passion, eventually establishing a business in the region.

In 2006, having married, he returned to the San Bernardino Area to be close to family. Obtaining his agent’s license, he began leveraging his wealth of local contacts and soon established himself with a reputation as a go-getter, someone who knew the area and could reliably secure the best deals on the multi-million dollar properties he was soon representing.

In other areas of the country, Knolls’s youth might have been an impediment, but in the Coachella Valley, it proved an asset like no other. In a region where youth and technology go hand in hand with success, and as a member of a generation weaned on technology, Knolls finds himself in good stead. “The Coachella Valley,” he says, “is very tech-savvy, there are a lot of high powered CEO’s and entrepreneurs; we’re basically surrounded by what moves this entire country.”

His local boy status, added to his comfort with new technologies makes him unique in this world: able to mix both the cutting edge tools of the trade with more time-tested techniques associated with more traditional real estate methods.

As for the traditional, Knolls emphasizes “I have one of the largest advertising budgets locally. I utilize eight-plus periodicals online and in print, so there’s lots of exposure…not just for me as a REALTOR®, but, most importantly, for my listings and clients.” Also in the traditional column would be the answer Knolls provides when asked what his favorite part of his job is.

“Getting a new listing,” he answers immediately. I love when I’ve interviewed against other agents, and they sign with me. There is really no better feeling. Getting an offer accepted is also a pretty good feeling, but I really like when the client has weighed all their other REALTOR® options and made the decision to trust me with selling their property. Everybody knows the feeling of cashing a check, but that other feeling—of having your value as an agent validated—not everyone gets to know how good that feels.”

Knolls’s zeal increases measurably, however, when he is asked how he utilizes technology to stay a step ahead of his competitors. “I love spearheading new technology. I’m doing things to market my listings that the other guys haven’t even thought of yet.” As an example, he points to his philosophy on advertising properties. “I see so many other agents listings that are just full of words, describing everything in detail. In my opinion, that’s just a waste of space. People want to see the pictures of the home and it’s features, not read the lengthy, exaggerated descriptions of them.

I’ve eliminated the extra words, and I just give them great photos of the property, using a professional photographer and a professional graphic designer. It works.” Knolls’s listings are, indeed, a pleasure to view on his website. Clean, easily navigable, and with a wealth of gorgeous photos that give the viewer not simply a series of photos of the rooms within, but a panoply of images of everything from views to interactive floor plans, the end result being a sense of having actually visited the property.

Still, despite his success, Knolls isn’t one to rest on his laurels, and plans to expand over the next few years. Over the past few years, he’s successfully sold several properties in Los Alamitos and Corona, so plans to open offices in other nearby cities, including Riverside, are in the works.

When asked for one sentence that would best explain his success, Knolls once again answers promptly. “Because I love what I do. Write that. I really love what I do. Some people sell cars, some sell clothes and some sell software; I sell Real Estate and I am good at it!”

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Palm Springs, CA 92262